Precision crafted to deliver beautiful and expressive melodies

There are in fact Tongue Drums tuned with totally different tones on the musical mode as on the foremost scale, however conjointly others on gapped scale or hexatonic varys because the Akenobo range which provides a soft oriental color to the sounds. This is often for instance the case of the Beat Root Tongue Drum that enables you to navigate and see six totally different scales on his instrument. With tongue drum multistage (several ranges), it's attainable to vary standardization quickly because of associate degree innovative system of magnets to rearrange below the instrument.

The different ranges

We conjointly distinguish the various forms of Tongue Drums by their variation. The vary you select is of crucial importance since it determines the color of the sounds of your instrument, therefore created atmospheres don't seem to be constant from one Tongue Drum to a different.

Some original variants

Originally designed from simple bottoms gas bottles, the tongue drum has now evolved and some manufacturers even offer us quite original models from cross and hybridization inspired by the Tank Drum.

We find:

• The wooden tongue drums: halfway between Tank drum and Slit drum, Joah Tiele's wooden tongue drum is based on a great know-how and a remarkable artistic work. Being able to be made up of 9, 12 or 16 blades, this instrument delivers a warm sound quite different from a steel tongue drum. However, the craftsmanship it requires makes wooden tongue drum a relatively expensive instrument.

• The Hank Drum: The hank drum is an instrument resulting from a mix of hangs and tongue drum. One of the best known models is the Sound Watching Drum, hammered like a Hang; it is also composed of several blades surrounding the opening of the box of resonance.

• The Kigonki Lulu: Direct evolution of the tongue drum, the Kigonki Lulu has blades cut on both sides, which has the result of producing an oscillating effect on the sound called "Lulu" by its creator.

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