What sound does a tank drum make ?

Do you know what sound a tank drum makes? This unique percussion instrument is made up of two metal plates that are hit with mallets to create a deep, resonant sound. Tank drums come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be used to create beautiful music or rhythmic patterns. In this blog post, we will discuss the history of the tank drum and how it is used in music today. We will also take a closer look at the different types of tank drums available on the market. So, what sound does [...]

Do you know what tongue drum is ?

Do you know what tongue drum is ?
The tongue drummay be a very fashionable percussive instrument famous for its relaxing sounds, intuitive grip and surprising unidentified flying object look! Played by hand or with mallets, it doesn't require any knowledge of music or technique to be ready to play it, his great asset residing within the incontrovertible fact that no "false note" is feasible.Instrument differenceIt differs from many musical instruments due to its super intuitive approach: no got [...]

A photo album to be cherished

You have made a journey to explore a new world, a day at sea or a family holiday ... What's your best recollection in recent months? Read tips on how to easily create a cherished photo album to easily create a photo book. And then it's up to you!Take care of the structureIf you want to easily create a photo book, think about structuring your photo album before you start. You can create a quick draft version for example, and refine it page by page.Take [...]

Precision crafted to deliver beautiful and expressive melodies

There are in fact tongue drums tuned with totally different tones on the musical mode as on the foremost scale, however conjointly others on gapped scale or hexatonic varys because the Akenobo range which provides a soft oriental color to the sounds. This is often for instance the case of the Beat Root Tongue Drum that enables you to navigate and see six totally different scales on his instrument. With tongue drum multistage (several ranges), it's attainable to vary standardization quickly [...]